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Water supply is one of the critical and essential services of IIT campus area.IIT Campus broadly divided in to four areas from water supply points of view. These areas, and the buildings to which water is supplied are as follows:

  • Academic area
  • Hostel area
  • East Campus
  • West Campus

Water is supplied to IIT Campus primarily from Delhi Jal Board (DJB) and supplemented by water drawn from tube wells within the campus. The DJB supplies water to two main reservoirs, one located in front of Satpura Hostel (capacity 2000 KL called “Main Reservoir”) and another in Vishwakarma Building (capacity 120 KL). There are two additional reservoirs which get water from the above two main reservoirs or tube wells and located at Vaishali (capacity 800 KL) and MSB Reservoir (capacity 400 KL) which also serve as local sources of water for certain buildings and for fire control. The water from tube wells can be directly supplied to any of the above reservoirs. In addition each hostel has a local ground level tank of approximately 50 KL capacity that is fed from the tube wells. These ground level tanks directly supply water to overhead tanks that feed the toilet and bathrooms in the hostels. However, the drinking and kitchen water in the hostels is supplied from main reservoir into over head tanks in kitchen only from the reservoir that gets DJB input. So although the tube wells that supply water are tested from time to time.

The quality of water coming from DJB and being distributed via main line to the campus is tested independently and periodically by the environmental lab of Civil Engineering independent of the PH (water supply) section of works.